Our rate starts at $1700 per 10-hour day and is based on shoot size. All rates include unlimited use of in-house photo/production equipment and kitchen gear as well as in-house props.

$1700.00 PER DAY (crew of 12 or fewer)
$1950.00 PER DAY (crew of 13-­18)
$2200.00 PER DAY (crew of 19-­24)
We cannot accommodate crews larger than 24.

You’re welcome to bring in any additional rentals you like (we don’t have a rental department of our own).

Rates are based on a 10-hour-day from start time. Start time is up to you – we don’t have fixed hours or charge extra for early call times.

Overtime is 1.5x hourly for hours 11 & 12 and 2x hourly for hours 12 and beyond.

Our 24/7 freight elevator is located next to a street-level loading dock. There are no charges or restrictions on hours. Short-term parking of box trucks or other delivery vehicles in the loading dock is fine. The elevator dimensions are 10’0” deep x 5’0” wide (8’0” ceiling). The entrance to the studio is a double door 6'11" high by 5'11" wide (with a 9’0” maximum diagonal).

All-day parking is available on the street but can be difficult prior to 11 am, when alternate side ends. Contact us for alternatives. There are few garages nearby. We encourage crew members to take the subway or a car service. We’re a two-minute walk from Morgan Av stop on the L train. If you need to drive or street park a truck during your shoot, please reach out – we have strategies.

For crew meals we’re happy to recommend catering services and local restaurants for delivery.

Video and film crews please note: the studio is not a sound stage. We’ve had many shoots rolling live sound, but there will occasionally be street, train or air traffic, or noise from elsewhere within the building. We cannot guarantee absolute silence. But we are located on a fairly quiet street in an industrial part of Brooklyn. If sound is key, we encourage you to visit us in advance to make sure we can meet your needs. And if your shoot requires a gaffer, please contact us before booking to make sure we can meet your electrical needs.